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On Dance

I am the pussycat of the Ballroom world!

Each dance has this certain something special. It’s almost like having secrets for yourself in each dance that you let people in on for a moment, when you’re performing.

I would have to say my favourite [ballroom dance] is the waltz, because it just takes you into this special dreamy wonderland where you can get away from your everyday life.

My favourite Latin dance is the Cha Cha Cha because I feel that this dance has a lot of different sides to it. I like that it can have all the little characteristics of all the other latin dances. Cha Cha Cha in itself is a very cheeky and flirtatious dance and also could have the party feel of samba, the elegance of rumba, the arrogance of paso doble and the rock n roll feel of jive.

I want to melt people’s hearts and take them on a journey. I love to meet new people, to teach new students and just to dance my little butt off!

[Strictly is] Something I will find very exciting because there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than taking an untrained artist and watching them blossom under my wing.

All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent.

About Rav Wilding (SCD series 7)

Rav was such a lovely guy; it was such a shame to go out so early

I feel like a squished lemon half the time

About Matt Baker (SCD Series 8)

I think everyone was shocked, even Matt and Matt’s family, at how good a performer he is. I was surprised. I know that he is a good presenter, but to be a performer is a whole other thing and he does it really well.

He works so intensely. Every single minute.

About Harry Judd (SCD series 9)

He was not a natural but his commitment was fantastic, it was a huge thrill to win and the overwhelming memory we have if of the massive public support that was so incredibly touching.

About Johnny Ball (SCD series 10)

He might be 74 but he’s a human dynamo!

About Tony Jacklin (SCD series 11)

I think the whole nation noticed his beautiful hand movements and perfect lines.

I don’t actually give Tony any breaks. He works really hard in those 4 hours.

Last week Tony was telling me how fast paced the Waltz was!

About Gregg Wallace (SCD series 12)

Stop mincing, stop mincing!

(About Gregg not wearing underwear) I’m just way too stressed about the situation

About (SCD series 13)

Coming Soon