So You Think You Can Dance (2008)

Aliona auditioned for the 4th season of So You Think You Can Dance in 2008 with her then professional partner Leonidas Proskurov. They performed a cheeky latin routine which gained very positive responses from the judges and received a golden ticket to the next round in Vegas.

The Vegas callbacks lasted 4 days and each day a different choreographer had a routine to teach the dancers with the judges making cuts after each performance. In the first two days, Aliona made it through challenging hip hop, Broadway and Foxtrot routines before being placed into a group and instructed to spend the night choreographing a group routine to be performed the following morning.

Aliona’s group were given the music “Every Step You Take” by The Police, but the group had too many differing ideas and struggled to formulate a complete routine despite being the last group to leave the rehearsal space. Just before the performance the routine came together but was scrutinised by the judges. Aliona was asked to take a “step back” along with the other members of the group but did make it through to the final stage. For their final audition, the dancers were given another chance to dance a solo routine, however Aliona did not make the final 20 dancers who went on to the live shows.

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