Site History

Aliona Vilani Online was initially created by Lizzi on a free web hosting service after seeking approval by Aliona. Wanting to create something more substantial for the first website on Aliona Vilani, Lizzi asked Natalie for some advice. Soon after, the first incarnation of Aliona Vilani Online was launched (on 1st June 2010). The website was a growing success and received lots of visitors, especially during Series 9 of Strictly Come Dancing when Aliona was partnering Harry Judd.

Unfortunately due to the hosts the site used, we were experiencing a lot of downtime which culminated in the deletion of Aliona Vilani Online. Although we managed to restore an old version of the site, our hosts yet again deleted the site without notice meaning that we lost all of our site news and our extensive photo gallery.

Aliona Vilani Online is currently in the process of being rebuilt. We are using this unfortunate turn of events to our advantage by taking the opportunity to completely redesign and reorganise the website. We have also launched our brand new video vault which holds videos from Aliona’s first appearances on So You Think You Can Dance all the way through to the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing.

We hope you enjoy the website and please feel free to contact us if you spot any errors or have any suggestions on what we can do to make the site better.

Past Layouts